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Anxiety and life.

Well, to many people there a lot of things that cause anxiety, problem is that life action are simple answers to problems that you must solve.

The answers generated anxiety in a person are: flee or fight. In ancient times these mechanisms arose from having to face the difficulties of life in nature presented them; even though today no longer exist these problems, have emerged new ones that generate stress and anxiety in people. The danger sometimes is real, but sometimes is conditioned by the experiences that each individual has had to deal with previously; This last occurs, for example, in the anxiety disorders. Fear works as a defense mechanism, but if the answer that leads is harmful to the individual, is essential to dare to face it.

When fear reaches generate paralysis in the actions of the individual is called a phobia, a sudden reaction where the subject loses control of the situation, in these situations the person tries to escape the conflict. Some phobias can be: acrofobias, claustrophobia or agarofobia.

According to studies carried out by psychiatrists, some degree of anxiety is good, positively contributes to the formation of character, expand knowledge and improves creativity, since the experiences that we have set allow us to have a notion of what of what we must protect ourselves and discern what things can not harm us.

There are many ways to treat anxiety, some scholars are inclined to reduce it to fear for the future, to the possibilities that we do not know that they can give, the "and if...?", and ensure that the way to resolve it is achieving a recording of these thoughts that can help that individual just live the present. Anxiety exists because people live in the future and forget about the present which is the only real and in the moment in which the patient gets back to its existence, the anxiety goes away.
So the important thing is to live the present, this thing that to "normal" people look so obvious it is really hard for people that is suffering from anxiety. And this is why it is became really important to treat anxiety and a whole treatment to start to became more calm again and enjoying every moment of your life, since life, is just a sum of moments, if you can not enjoy each of them, you will barely enjoy the life.

Some people have anxiety problems because they have a tendency to overreact to the difficulties. Others become anxious as a result of a particularly unpleasant event or who live as such. Often it occurs that the emergence of a major problem or the accumulation of small problems is the origin of the disorder. Sometimes anxiety appears just when the issue has been resolved and, therefore, one would expect that that person be found better.

Anxiety disorders are real, diagnosable and treatable. They are the most common mental diseases in the Western world. We can talk about causes primary and secondary causes of anxiety. There is a picture of symptoms warranting the disorder in primary anxiety, anxiety is, then, a condition in itself, namely, there is one propensity in some people to suffer from anxiety due to genetic and hereditary factors, that is directly related to the chemistry of neurotransmitters of the brain and that can be experienced in several stages of life. This anxiety, however, affects a very small number of people. On the other hand, a large number of people suffer high anxiety and is caused by a psychological disorder or by an underlying psychiatric or physical illness.  You can keep reading on my insane blog named get xanax by me :) .